Concept & Performance André Uerba

The first impulse to create Replacement of Speech came from an image that I developed some years ago - a face covered with € bills. From that starting
point, the work was thought to be a lecture-performance, but during the process I understood that I was not searching for a speech, instead, for a replacement
of speech itself.

I was busy and concerned about what I wanted to say, but I was also busy with the urge of doing. Sooner I understood that the speech was just feedback,
and that the limited time was reinforced by the sparkling light, a hour glass made of fire - a light that allows the image to be seen.


3AM, Flutgraben, Berlin 2016
SFEN, Potsdam Fabrik, Potsdam, 2016
HZT/ Uferstudios, Berlin 2013