Concept/ Direction André Uerba

Co-creation Vânia Rodrigues
Performers André Uerba & Vânia Rodrigues
Sound Adriano Filipe
Lights Miguel Cruz
Co-production Teatro da Garagem
Photos Bruno Simão

STAND BY could be based on the difficulty to exist here - to condense a body. About the impact of an action when nobody is looking at it.
About this moment where "I" exist after all people have left. About all those who let themselves fall. About the silence that does not stifle
the racket of the hands of the clock. About objects that become giants in the hour, where we are no more than particles. About the daily risk
of getting lost, the grotesque validity of life. About the sound that cohabits time. About the choice that implies loss. About recreate and not
create. About the fear of speaking and being heard. About our foreign bodies that insist on inhabiting illusory places. About us - the

Teatro da Garagem, "Try Better, Fail Better", 2011