Concept André Uerba
Performer Yann Gibert

Photos Miguel Godinho 

Previously imaginated as clandestin happening inside the very institutional Lisbon Artfair, Unknown Piece is the 1h30 hours long visiting
of an exhibition by an integrally black Spandex dressed artist (1.92m high). This perfectly light-absorbing body creates in the time frame
of its recieving event, a space in a visual and symbolical manner. The dialectic of presence/absence, shown/hidden emphasis the
fictionality of official culture celebration as being considerated "public event". If the very first interpretation of this speechless appearance
is suggesting an absent artist taking part to the exhibition as kind of simple visitor, a second reading can lead to a more obvious
"ghost visitor" image, questioning the legitimacy of cultural consumers that are present face to a significativly un-visible one. Set in such
a context, this image won't give a clue about its inner socio-political meaning. Is it about facing an artist? Or a simple visitor? Or a black
hole? Or a super heroe?
by Yann Gibert

Art Stroke Fair, Berlin, Germany, 2011
Cologne Art Fair, Cologne, Germany, 2011
Lisbon Contemporary Art Fair, Lisbon, Portugal, 2010